load_NetCDF XOP allows Igor to NetCDF files.

last update is 6/1/2004
from 2/2000

This page is for Igorian who handle with NetCDF data. If you want to know NetCDF, visit http://unidata.ucar.edu/packages/netcdf/index.html.

Katsuhisa Kitano


built by
known problem
Macintosh version

download v101.sit

source code is here

  • Error messages may not be correct. This is because the NetCDF library for MacOS is not complete. The library was unofficially build on the basis of the original source (NetCDF version 3.4).
  • Load_NetCDF verbosely prints the status when the /V flag is used.
Windows version

download here

newer version here

under constructing
  • It extracts the data arrays as integer values instead as real values.
  • not considering for decimal point.
  • not considering for matrics wave
  • not support full set of netCDF. This XOP is made for data acquisition system. So Someone should correct source code.

If any trouble exists, please contact me. These XOPs are used just to our original GPIB data acquisition system. GPIB is used to control degitizer(Analog-Digital converter) system and the output data is 10bit integer. Macintosh version is built to support not only GPIB data but also fullset of NetCDF. But windows version is built only for our degitizer data, and works well with these data. So there are many problem with general NetCDF files.

Science and Technology Center for Atoms, Molecules and Ions Control

Osaka University